The Actors

Here is a complete list of actors and the characters they play in Past Redemption

 RochonB250BART ROCHON/ Graydon

Bart first made appearances for film and television in 2007, and from these initial experiences realized a passion for being in front of the camera.  Bart is acclaimed for the diversity in genres and roles he undertakes, from appearing in off-the-wall comedies such as Bitchin Kitchen (3 seasons), and 18 to Life, to being a crazed killer in the award winning feature film Berkshire County.  He continues to broaden his dramatic roles with such films as Just Me and All of You starring Naomi Grossman.

He has worked with well-respected acting coaches including multiple award winning actor/producer/director Walter Alza, and Gemini award winning Shannon Lawson. Bart took classes at the Toronto-based acting studio Sears & Switzer and has honed his comedy skills at Second City. He continues to add to his skill set with weapons, hand-to-hand, stage fighting and stunt training.  

Bart was born in Warsaw, Poland and now calls Toronto, Canada home.  He hails from a strong fitness and athletics background.  He studied psychology at The University of Western Ontario and Mount Allison University, before turning his studies towards the film industry

He has a starring role as the charming but lethal Graydon in Past Redemption

Bart’s website:
Bart’s IMDb page:
Bart on FaceBook:
Bart on Twitter: @bart_rochon
Bart on Instagram: @bang_bang_bart
Talent agent: Patrick Yang, Oldfield Talent Management
Telephone: 1-416-515-9904, Fax: 1-416- 515-0486, Email:

MaissaMAISSA HOURI / Mags Wesley

Maissa Houri-Charron auditioned for her first school play in grade 6. Surprised that she was offered the lead role, she opted to keep the part she had auditioned for as it involved a more complicated character. That play had her hooked on acting and she has been doing it ever since. She studied theatre and film throughout high school and college years, as well as filmmaking, photography and stunts. Maissa has done print modeling, a commercial production and shorts films.

Maissa takes on the role of the salt-of-the-earth-but-unlucky Mags in Past Redemption; and acted as Assistant Director on a number of the film’s shoots.

Maissa’s resume at The Meus:
Representation: The Meus,, 613-853-1559

MainvilleJ250JULIE MAINVILLE / Kaya Reynolds

Only a short time into her acting career, Julie has appeared in local short films including the thriller Voices, directed by Zack Duncan. She has taken classes at The Acting Company with John Muggleton and Robert Bockstael.

Raised in a French Canadian family in Ottawa, Julie is fluent in both English and French and can adopt a French Canadian accent in English.

Julie is cast in a major role as the ever-watchful, ever-secretive Kaya in the series Past Redemption.

Julie’s resume at The Meus:
Representation: The Meus,, 613-853-1559

ChowP250PETER CHOW / Atticus

Peter Chow has appeared on stage in numerous productions and has film credits that range from public awareness spots to full-length features. His diverse roles include playing a loving father stricken with Alzheimer’s, an intelligent but apathetic professor, and a ruthless professional gangster.  He has had the opportunity to study with well-respected acting coaches, including Shannon Lawson (Actors Gym), Tony Babcock (Improv your Acting) and Tom Todoroff (Tom Todoroff Studio). Peter has a passion for sports, is an amateur musician, and has specialized in numerous accents.

As a major character in Past Redemption, Peter takes on the role of Atticus who battles both inner demons and those would infringe on his boss’ territory.

Peter’s IMDB page:

DavidM250MICHAEL DAVID / Dickey Wesley

Michael David is a film and voice actor from Ottawa, Ontario. Since starting his acting career in recent years, Michael quickly landed small parts in movies, a supporting role in Engage, a digi60 short film, and appeared in the TV program Paranormal Investigators, as well as in commercial roles. He is currently cast as the spokesman for Ipex Inc., shooting their promotional and instructional videos. 

Michael has mastered a wide range of accents and is fluent in French. His athletic ability has allowed him to reach advanced levels in martial arts and related areas such Weapons (Sword / Jo Staff) and Combat – Stage, Jump Rope. Hip Hop is his dance specialty. Michael has tattoos – full arm sleeves, chest & back.

In Past Redemption, Michael portrays Dickie, an ex-con, struggling farmer, and loving husband, who loves that hoser-talk.

His latest commercial:
Michael’s resume at The Meus:
Representation: Lisa Meuser with The Meus,, 613-853-1559

VettoreR250RENATO VETTORE /Floyd Wesley

Renato Vettore is known for his film roles in Cotton String (2015), Failed (2015), CR.Usher (2016), Biff Wellington (2015) and Spyfall (2014).

Renato enjoys physical stunt work and improv, and performs an extensive array of ethnic dialogue accents as well as VoiceOver work for film & commercials. His musical history includes his work as vocalist for a Ronnie James Dio Tribute show, known as STARGAZER.  Renato was the lead vocalist with Progressive/Rock Metal band Shadow of Doubt, which released the compilation CD “Dreaming of Insanity.”  He has performed in large open air events, opening for such acts as Canadian Rock band “HoneyMoon Suite”

In Past Redemption, Renato is Floyd, a man who has always marched to his own drum. Renato also helped out extensively on crew as sound technician.

IMDb link:     
Representation:      The Meus/Lisa Meuser

tara250TARA PATERSON / Bess Singer

Tara Paterson started acting at a very young age in various self-created shows and skits, mainly with one of her brothers and mainly for the “benefit” of family, friends, or strangers lucky enough to be around. While growing up in Ottawa, Tara develop her passion for acting while also actively pursuing dance and soccer. She participated in a variety of projects and productions, from Shakespeare to improv sketches, and at fifteen, was cast in the lead part of Alice Sycamore in the play “You Can’t Take it With You.” Just before graduating from high school, Tara was given an award for Outstanding Excellence in the Dramatic Arts.

Tara has studied acting in Ottawa, New York, and Toronto with various studios including Lonsdale Smith Studios and Humber College – where she attained a diploma in Acting for Film & Television as an honours graduate. Currently residing in Toronto, she practises her craft acting, improv, artwork, singing, and writing whether on set or with friends, creating characters and impersonating every one and every accent imaginable.

Tara will be gaining her first co-creator credit on a project with Steven Hunt SDC Films set to start production in 2017.

In Past Redemption, Tara plays the sweet and somewhat ingenuous Bess whom life seems determined to teach hard lessons.

Tara’s website:
Tara’s IMDb:
Representation: Lisa Meuser, The Meus Productions:  613-853-1559

JESSICA DOUCET / Jaynie May Cook

Jessica’s interest in theatre at the young age of eight led to her to participating in productions with the Dartmouth Players Youth Performing Arts group in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Competitive synchronized swimming occupied much of her teen years but her love of theatre was again sparked when she began acting lessons in her second year at Carleton University with private coach Shannon Lawson. She has since been part of several film productions including a short film (Do You Know Why You’re Here? directed by Vincent Valentino), and has worked as a body double for a MOW (Killing Mommy) that is currently in post-production. 

Jessica plays the winsome Jaynie in Past Redemption.

Jessica’s resume at the Meus:
Representation: The Meus (Lisa Meuser)

RicciF250FABIO RICCI / Joey

With a thirst for all things creative, Fabio continuously expresses his art in various forms, whether through his love of percussion and music, performing stand-up comedy, acting or working behind the camera. Fabio has a passion for storytelling. Fabio Ricci was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.

Fabio takes on the role of the unfortunate Joey in Past Redemption.

Credit: Jesse James: Lawman (2014) – as Shep; The Best Laid Plans (CBC Minseries – 2013) – as Student
Fabio’s resume at The Meus:
Representation: Lisa Meuser at

VollrathJ250JURGEN VOLLRATH / Uncle Eddy

Jurgen has a lifetime of experience in live performances and film. He became a stand up comedian at age 14, and from 1969, has played as a lead singer and front man for musical acts. He has been a Master of Ceremonies, a speaker for various groups and an announcer at local fairs.

Jurgen has done various tv and radio commercials, and been part of live dinner theatre experience. His more recent roles include playing the father to the lead in C.R. Usher, EagleWolf Productions; in a short in which he played the lead role as the devil in Salvation (Vincent Valention), available on Vimeo.

Trailers for other productions available on YouTube:
Nazi party leader in Scarecrow Club, an EagleWolf production
Ben Peters, a ruthless sheriff in Hell at my Heels, a B/K production
Army major opposite Joe Estevez in Iron Soldier, a B/K production

Jurgen plays the sinister, criminal mastermind Uncle Eddy in Past Redemption.

Jurgen’s IMDB page:
Representation: The Meus,, 613-853-1559

LummissA1250ALAN LUMMISS / Father Snowden 

Alan has been acting professionally since 2008, appearing in numerous made-for-TV movies, television series and stage productions. A former police officer of over 30 years, Alan has experience with firearms, skeet-shooting and motorcycling. He plays a number of sports and has learned musical instruments such as banjo and trumpet.

Alan is the still-waters-run-deep Father Snowdon in Past Redemption.

Alan’s resume at The Meus:
Representation: Lisa Meuser with The Meus,, 613-853-1559


LawsonS250SHANNON LAWSON / Hazel

Shannon Lawson has played numerous strong roles, among them The War Between Us (1995), Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (2000) and Dick (1999). A distinguished graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, Shannon has mastered countless stages across Canada, including the Royal Alexandra Theatre and multiple appearances at Stratford. She has also graced stages in the United States, and overseas in the United Kingdom.

With over sixty film and television credits, Shannon is a proud Gemini Award winning actress and is a multiple Gemini award nominee. Over the span of her career, she has had the pleasure of sharing the screen with stars Samuel L. Jackson (No Good Deed), Shirley MacLaine (Salem Witch Trials), and Shawn Ashmore (Terry).

Shannon brings close to thirty years of acting & teaching experience to Romanof Models, Fashion, Talent & Consulting Agency.

Shannon is the worldly-wise, slightly cynical bar-keep, Hazel, in Past Redemption.

IMDb link:
Shannon’s resume at The Meus:
Representation: The Meus,, 613-853-1559

ElstonD250DANIEL ELSTON / Young Graydon

Daniel Elston has been performing for his family since he could walk and talk. He participated in his first stage performance at the age of 7 and has been involved in theatre since, taking classes and as part of several productions. It is his dream to be in film.

Daniel is currently taking an On Camera class, having attended a number of workshops this past year to broaden his learning and improve his skills. His commercial credits include one for Disney Channel Canada. He has been featured in short local, independent films and has been an extra on set of a feature film. He recently started producing his own short films, mainly so he could act in them. Last year he entered the Sparta 72hour Film Challenge and received “Spirit of the Festival” award for his entry.

Daniel plays the talented air guitarist, Young Graydon, in Past Redemption.

Daniel’s resume at The Meus:
Representation: Lisa Meuser with The Meus / / 613-853-1559

BakerCF250CHARLES BAKER / Mags’ Date

Charles Frederick Baker’s first film experience was as a background actor in a 2000 Movie of the Week called The Perfect Husband. Since then, he has appeared in various Movies of the Week and has had lead and supporting roles in short films. He has appeared on the stage at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, and has done a number of commercials.

Before acting, Charles worked as a geomatics analyst with National Defence. In his leisure time, and using his experience with firearms, Charles takes part in military re-enactments of the American Revolution and the War of 1812. He plays golf, curls, hunts and fishes.

He is presently working on several scripts he hopes to produce in the near future.

Charles plays Mag’s Creepy Date in Past Redemption.

Charles Frederick Baker Demo Reel:
Charles’ resume at The Muse:
Representation: Lisa Meuser with The Meus,, 613-853-1559

DawkinsJ250JACK DAWKINS / New Johnny

Jack Dawkins self-describes as an ordinary guy who, in addition to acting, likes para-sailing, eating true Italian pasta and playing Halo 3 (by far the best Halo game ever made, according to Jack).

Jack is New Johnny in Past Redemption – a tough urban guy that’s a fish out of water once he leaves the city.






Andrew Jones first started acting in February of 2014, motivated by his love of movies and theatre and a desire to “try something new”. He went on to take a class at A.C.T Ottawa with Claudia Jurt while playing two separate roles in a play in the town of Almonte, Ontario. He is currently working with trainer Shannon Lawson.

Recently, his work has focused on Voice Over as he has had a talent for various accents and voices since the age of 5. This is partly due to the fact that Andrew was borne and raised in Manchester England, moving to Canada in the year 2000. A sample of his work can be found at:

In Past Redemption, Andrew has a cameo role as Thug #1 whose idea of a “bit of fun” could get him into more trouble than he can handle.

Representation: Meus Productions

ZamatC Chris Zamat

In Past Redemption, Chris plays a thug whose idea of a lark could have serious consequences on others.

He’s also a thug in real life, though not to the same extent.
Chris can be seen as a lead in the upcoming feature film AFREEN shooting in Toronto this summer.
Representation : Sandra Gillis, Premier Artists : (416)641-6868,



Jamie Ava Jones is an actor, alternative model and sexual exploration guide (sexuality educator). She has studied acting at The Next Stage with coach Shannon Lawson.

Jamie plays the playfully naughty drug dealer Pam in Past Redemption and, as part of her interest in filmmaking, helped out on crew.

Jamie on Facebook:



Tanisha discovered her love for entertaining at the age of four, constantly putting on plays at home for her family. She soon began entertaining small crowds in both elementary and high School. As a graduate from St. Mark High School in Ottawa, she is remembered as a funny, down-to-earth, entertaining girl who loves to make people laugh and showcase her talent.

Tanisha plays one of the Open Mic Night singers in Episode 8 of TakeAway, a Sweet Tarts webseries. She sings and plays the guitar; and is fascinating when delivering her Black Swan monologue as part of her studies at the Ottawa Acting and Stunt School.

Tanisha plays the feisty Drug Dealer #1 in Past Redemption.

Tanisha’s IMDb:

CojocaruB250BOGDEN COJOCARU / Atlas

Bogdan Cojocaru has experience in both film and stage productions. He is fluent in English and Romanian, and has mastered a number of accents. He plays a wide variety of sports; and is an exercise specialist.

Bogdan is the rather dangerous-but-reckless Atlas in the opening scene of Past Redemption.

Bogdan’s IMDB:
Film credit – Undone (2012):
His bio at The Muse:
Representation: The Meus,, 613-853-1559


Mike has been a fan of film from an early age, enjoying a broad range of genres but drawn particularly to action movies. During university and after graduation, he has acted in friends’ projects that involved short films, YouTube shorts and music videos. One of his larger roles has been for a webseries in which, as the nephew of a gang member, he is manipulated into a situation that he is unprepared to handle.

The Aviator, a film about Howard Hughes, struck a cord as Mike saw the link between his own area of study, engineering, and the film world.

Mike has taken training with Chris Ralph at The Acting Company, scene study classes with Shannon Lawson, improv with Lisa at The Meus Productions, workshops with Jules Fitzsimmons and stunts/staged combat training with Alain Moussi. He regularly attends sessions at the Ottawa Actors Gym.

In Past Redemption, Mike plays the Mysterious-Man-In-Church, a would-be assassin whose plans take an unanticipated turn.

Representation: The Meus,, 613-853-1559

WicksS.png250SHANE WICKS

Shane has acted in a TV series (as a Navy Seal in No Easy Days), a webseries (jail guard in Killing Mommy), and theatre (including the role of Lil Abner in Lil Abner, for Greely Players). He has experience in comedy as part of an improv troop.

Shane’s roles have benefited from his training in Jiu-jitsu, bodybuilding, weapons training and combat falls and stunt training but his interests hare varied and he is a base/tenor singer, knows American sign language (ASL) and has conquered a basic southern American accent. Shane has taken training from acting coach David Rotenberg.

Shane brings a quiet but menacing presence as Uncle Eddy’s Bodyguard in Past Redemption.

Representation: The Meus,, 613-853-1559



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