Media Kit: PAST REDEMPTION: The town that Crime Left Behind


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Past Redemption:
The Town that Crime Left Behind

The Story

Blood, money and religion.

The only thing that matters more in the town of Redemption is family.
Past Redemption is a nine-part character-driven web series about survival in a small rural community. Once the seat of a modest criminal empire run by the Wesley family, Redemption has become a ghost town with little prospects for honest work.

The story follows a people who live on the periphery of society and engage in immoral and unlawful activity out of necessity.

Ottawa-based, father-son team

Episode-One---GRAYDONCo-creators Steven Hunt and his son Dylan Hunt-Weeks have worked together on small projects before, but nothing of this magnitude. The Ottawa-based duo began production on the series as a result of one of Dylan’s school assignments. “It really began with the Pilot, which was initially made for one of my high school classes,” says Dylan. While the Pilot never aired, Steven saw the show’s potential and plans emerged to create it into a full 90-minute series built upon the existing script.

Steven Hunt has worked as a digital storyteller for more than 30 years. His work has appeared on networks such as CBC, Radio Canada, and the Documentary Channel US. His son Dylan Hunt-Weeks is currently studying at Ryerson University for film production.

The project has also seen considerable growth since its inception and is currently gaining traction on social media. “How this project has evolved is just incredible, we started as a team of maybe 7 or 8 actors and crew and have grown to a community of over 40,” says Hunt. “We really owe a lot to the people of Low, Venosta and Kazabazua.”

Community Very Accommodating

DirectorsCo-Creator Steven Hunt says the region was ideal for the film production because it has a very distinct look and feel that the audience may not be familiar with.”The community was very accommodating and welcoming, allowing us to shoot on their property and in their homes and businesses,” says Hunt. The screening on May 19 will also include members of the rural Quebec communities where the series was shot, as the residents have organized a bus to attend the premiere.

The Actors

Past Redemption had more than 25 actors involved in the project such as Bart Rochon, who has appeared in numerous films and TV series such as American Lawman, Chasing Valentine and the Food Network’s Bitchin’ Kitchen. Past Redemption also includes Shannon Lawson, the Gemini Award winner actress best known for films such as Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story.

While the full length film debuts on May 19, Past Redemption is also a web series that will be released June 2, 2016 on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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Full resolution photographs are available and a selection can be reviewed on the Facebook page. But we can provide other photos if required.

Contact Information

Steven Hunt
Senior Producer
SDC Video Production
Ottawa, ON
Cell: 613-730-1992


The film Past Redemption that was shot in Low, Venosta and Kazabazua in the summer and fall of 2015 will get its Cinematic Premiere May 19, 2016 at the Mayfair Theater in Ottawa.




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