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Dylan Hunt-Weeks & Steven Hunt Review recent shot.

Past Redemption has had a long history. Dylan Hunt-Weeks and Steven Hunt, the father-son duo, created the first evolution of the series back in 2010 as a 5 minute short film. The story was put on the back burner until 2015 when Dylan decided to revisit it for a high school project.

After creating the pilot episode with the help of an enthusiastic cast and crew, Dylan and Steven were determined to evolve the project into a 9-part series.

Steven is an accomplished script writer, cinematographer, editor and producer.   He has worked in Latin America and Africa on broadcast and communications projects. His productions have appeared on Canadian, European and New Zealand television.

Dylan now studies Film Production at Ryerson University in Toronto.

The two hope to continue their series in 2016 with a second season.


Past Redemption’s second season is currently in pre-production and will begin fundraising in January 2017.

Produced in coordination with SDC Films


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