History of the Wesley Family

Blood, money and religion.

Elia-WintersThe only thing that matters more in the town of Redemption is family.

Settled by English descendants of the Wesley crime family in 1903, Redemption is a shadow of its former self. Once the heart of a thriving and isolated agricultural community, the town saw its first transformation during the Second World War.

Formerly unheard of by the outside world, Redemption’s fertile farm land became sought after with the rise of industrial farming beginning in the early 20th century. Many attempted to purchase Redemption’s valuable land but were met by fierce opposition from within the community.

Secret Deals

In December of 1943, a wealthy entrepreneur by the name of Elias Winters made a secret agreement with the heads of several agricultural corporations outside of Redemption. They plotted to artificially lower crop prices to force the community into selling their land. Elias in return offered a modest down payment and promised to equally divide Redemption’s farmland.

In August of 1944, a council was called by the heads of the Wesley family to discuss the dramatic loss of revenue from their agricultural businesses. The most influential figure to rise from these talks was a man named Aelfric Wesley. Aelfric focused his outrage on the privatized farm industry outside Redemption, who he believed had committed conspiracy against the town.

Militant Response

Seeing no other option, Aelfric advocated for a militant response.

Aelfric-WesleyThus began the mobilization of the Wesley crime family. Aelfric started his campaign by burning several crop fields of a company who he suspected to be associated with Mr. Winters.

The incident escalated with the use of strongmen by Winters, who used physical intimidation to force three Redemption residents into selling their land. The whole ordeal ended in January, 1946 with the assassination of Elias Winters, gunned down in his own home with his wife.

While no evidence can link his involvement, it is common knowledge in Redemption that it was Aelfric himself who fired the shots.









**** Actual photos are police mug shots gansters in the early 1920’s


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