About the Bunny Diaries

About the Bunny Diaries

Bess Singer and Jaynie May Cook are two young women who work at the local bar and diner, the Laurel Creek Diner.

Sometimes referred to as the “Bunny Farm” because of the presence of younger women who listen intensely to older men or any travelling salesman for the price of an “expensive” drink, it’s a community bar run by a character named Hazel that keeps a cocked shot-gun under the bar.

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Preview: Episode One Bess

Preview: Episode One Bess

This is the complete playlist of currently available Vlogs by Bess. Some of these Vlogs are available ONLY to registered members.

See them here first!

Ep. 01:Looking for Mr Psych O Path
Ep. 02: Bodies on the road to Redemption
Ep. 03 : Online dating profiles to attract the perfect psychopath

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PREVIEW: Jaynie Episode One

PREVIEW:  Jaynie Episode One

Episode One Preview See all the episodes by registering – its free!    

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