Who lives Past Redemption?

Redemption and the area Past Redemption are filled with many colourful and eccentric individuals. Here are some of the show’s main characters.


While the Wesleys control the majority of the drug trade in Redemption, their power is waning. Graydon knows this and so do his employers. While his rugged persona allows him to maintain control over his network of street dealers, he is known to have a soft spot for women.



A former military contractor and veteran of the War in Afghanistan, Atticus currently works as the muscle for Graydon’s drug operation. Although his quiet demeanor may come across as timidity, he has been known to exhibit erratic violent behavior.



Dickie recently served five months for assault stemming from an altercation at one of Redemption’s bars. He and his partner Mags struggle to make a living, often being forced to find less ethical forms of work.


Mags is a victim of circumstance. For many years she worked as a ‘waitress’ at the Laurel Creek Diner, where she met her partner Dickie. The couple have faced financial trouble in recent years and have been forced to find less ethical forms of work.


Kaya is not from Redemption. Her background is a bit of a mystery but she comes from the big city. Graydon also can’t resist a pretty face.


Hazel’s family has owned the Laurel Creek Diner for almost a century, which operates as both a bar and restaurant. The business has also became notorious for its staff of young women, who will show you a good time for the price of a few drinks. But Hazel will not hesitate to deal with any unruly customers, she keeps a 12-gauge under the bar for good measure.


Bess works at the Laurel Creek Diner as a waitress and a *ahem* “Bunny”. While ‘dating’ older men for money may be frowned upon in the ‘real world’, it offers the young women of Redemption some stability. But it isn’t the safest line of work.


Jaynie is not naive about her role in Redemption. Another member of Hazel’s “Bunny Farm”, Jaynie did not have a stable upbringing. Keeping her “sugar daddies” happy is not the most desirable role in life, but beats sleeping on the street.


Floyd Wesley has become part of Redemption’s folklore. His disappearance is rumored to be linked to the discovery of a large sum of money belonging to the mob. But they’re just rumors…right?

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