About the Bunny Diaries


Bess Singer and Jaynie May Cook are two young women who work at Redemption’s Laurel Creek Diner.

Sometimes referred to as the “Bunny Farm” because of the presence of younger women, Hazel’s family has owned the business for almost a century, which operates as both a bar and informal brothel.

The Bunny Diaries are Bess and Jaynie’s Vlogs detailing their lives and past adventures in the community. In the Vlogs:

  • Bess designs a plan to track down a serial killer stalking women around Redemption
  • Jaynie focuses her attention on keeping her mother’s various boyfriends from inserting themselves between her and her mom

Both stories are told with a combination of wit, humour and emotional intensity. Very much like short theatrical plays, the bunny diaries provide an inside look at the challenges that some women face in the town of Redemption.

Vlogs will be release every Monday and Friday starting April 2016.


Episodes Available to Registered Members

Bess VLOGS 1-10 for Registered Members ONLY

Episode One Bess Singer writes a dating profile for a psychopathic killer. That is exciting!!! But it is Redemption. Episode 02: Bodies ...
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Jaynie VLOGS 1-10 for Registered Members ONLY

Episode 01: My Diary Jaynie May Cook works at the local bar and diner, the Laurel Creek Diner. Sometimes referred ...
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