About Past Redemption


Past Redemption is a character-driven series about survival in a small impoverished town, where the options are to be law abiding and live in poverty or be involved in petty crime where prospects improve dramatically.

Add to this, Redemption and the rural communities past Redemption are historically the birthplace of a major crime family – the Wesleys.

The Town that Crime Left Behind


Dickie Wesley

While the Wesley crime family moved out of the region two or three decades before, as did many businesses, it left behind a morally corrupt environment where crime is a proud tradition. Add to this, the Wesley name, still carries a threatening tone, even if the Redemption Wesleys have little or no contact with the crime family in the big city.

The Characters



There are three sets of major characters that exist within this environment and face very specific conflicts within their lives.


Mags Wesley

Mags and Dickie are a youngish couple who are trying to have a life together on Dickie`s family farm. But to make ends meet, they must dip into petty crime.

Graydon is a small crime entrepreneur. If this was the big city, he’d probably be into real estate but in Redemption he employs a string of corner drug dealers. Because of an event in his childhood, he has never felt comfortable expressing his emotions until Kaya suddenly arrives in his life.





Atticus is the darkest character in the story. He is of Chinese origin and a wanderer with an unclear past. But he suffers the internal conflict instilled by his tiger mom to preserve his own culture by marrying a Chinese woman which conflicts with his on-going attraction to Caucasian women. At this point in the series, he is moving toward a path of self-destruction since he can’t resolve it.

Floyd’s Funeral


Floyd Wesley

The Season itself starts about two or three days before the funeral of Floyd – a Wesley and bizarre recluse that lived on the outskirts of town.

About 25 years before, Floyd dropped out of Redemption life. He became a recluse and shot at anybody who came close to his house – except for the village priest.

No-one really knows why but some of the theories include a link to Mafia money.

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