About Past Redemption – Web Series


Past Redemption is a 9-part character-driven web series about survival in a small rural community. Once the seat of a modest criminal empire run by the Wesley family, Redemption has become a ghost town with little prospects for honest work.

The Town that Crime Left Behind

While the most distinguished of the Wesleys moved out of the region decades ago, it left behind a morally corrupt environment. Yet the name still carries weight, even if they have little connection to their kin in the big city.

The Characters

The story follows a people who live on the periphery of society and engage in immoral and unlawful activity out of necessity.


Mags Wesley


Dickie Wesley

Dickie is a Wesley, but not one lucky enough to emigrate to the big city. He and his partner Mags cultivate the family’s land to provide for themselves and hope to one day leave for greener pastures. But in Redemption, no one leaves alive.





Graydon is an entrepreneur…of sorts. If he lived in the big city, he’d probably be into real estate. But in Redemption he employs a network of street dealers which he struggles to maintain control over. While drug trafficking is not known to be the most stable profession, it has provided the community with a reliable economy…and a rising death toll.



Atticus is a mystery to the people of Redemption, and his presence is certainly unsettling. In a town known for its xenophobic racism, Atticus is left alone. A veteran of Afghanistan, Atticus was dishonorably discharged for erratic violent behavior. He currently works as the muscle for Graydon’s drug operation.

Floyd’s Funeral


Floyd Wesley

The Season starts a few days before the funeral of Floyd – an estranged member of the Wesley family.

Around 2 decades ago, Floyd disappeared from the community and isolated himself on his cottage property. His only regular visitor was the town’s priest. Floyd’s increasingly unpredictable nature, which included shooting at anybody who dared come close, became a sort of folklore for the town. It often sparked rumors surrounding the reason for his disappearance.

Floyd’s story became legend in Redemption, especially after it was linked to the discovery of a large sum of money belonging to the mob.

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